3D Ground-water and surface-water samples The three-dimensional (3-D) visualization shows sample locations and benzene concentrations at an industrial facility and adjacent limestone quarry. The aerial photograph is faded to show the subsurface samples. Samples are shown as spheres. Two (2) stream samples were collected upstream and downstream of the facility, three (3) ground-water samples were collected from monitoring wells downgradient of the facility, and from two (2) seep samples were collected from the southern quarry wall.

The color of the sphere represents benzene concentration. The colors range from blue (less than laboratory detection limits of 0.5 parts per billion (ppb)) up to red (10 ppb). No benzene was detected in the stream and quarry samples while low benzene concentrations were detected in the ground-water samples. Only one (1) ground-water sample had a concentration greater than the RISC residential closure level of five (5) ppb.


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